haustorial, adj.
/haw stawr"ee euhm, -stohr"-/, n., pl. haustoria /haw stawr"ee euh, -stohr"-/.
1. a projection from the hypha of a fungus into the organic matter from which it absorbs nutrients.
2. the penetrating feeding organ of certain parasites.
[1870-75; < NL, equiv. to L haus- (var. s. of haurire to draw, scoop up) + -torium -TORY2]

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      highly modified stem or root of a parasitic plant, such as mistletoe or dodder, or a specialized branch or tube originating from a hairlike filament (hypha) of a fungus. The haustorium penetrates the tissues of a host and absorbs nutrients and water.

      The word haustorium also is used to indicate certain cell types in plant embryology. The African Mutelidae family of freshwater mussels have a parasitic larval stage that is called a haustorium.

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