/had"ahr, hay"dahr/, n.
a first magnitude star in the constellation Centaurus.
[ < Ar Hadari]
/hay"dahr, hah"-, hah dahr"/, n.
a fossil site in the Afar triangle of eastern Ethiopia where Australopithecus afarensis was found.

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▪ anthropological and archaeological site, Ethiopia
  site of paleoanthropological excavations in the lower Awash River valley in the Afar region of Ethiopia. It lies along the northernmost part of Africa's Eastern (Great) Rift Valley (East African Rift System), about 185 miles (300 km) northeast of Addis Ababa. The lower valley of the Awash River—i.e., the Hadar area—was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980.

  The Hadar remains include partial skeletons of Australopithecus afarensis (Australopithecus), a key species in human evolution. Major paleontological work began at Hadar in the early 1970s and was led by the American anthropologist Donald Johanson. His team discovered a 40-percent-complete female skeleton of A. afarensis that became popularly known as Lucy. Dated to 3.2 million years ago, the remains provided further evidence that, in human evolution, walking on two legs (bipedalism) preceded increased brain size. The pelvis and leg bones indicate upright posture, but the skull bones reveal a limited cranial capacity similar to that of modern chimpanzees. The A. afarensis-bearing levels at Hadar range from 3.4 to 2.9 million years old and include more than 200 fossils from a single site (Afar Locality 333), representing at least nine adults and four juveniles deposited at the same time. Thorough analyses of the remains reveal a pattern consistent with a single, highly variable species, the males of which were significantly larger than the females, although there is the possibility that the sample instead consists of two different hominins (members of the human lineage). The site has also yielded the earliest known remains of the human genus, Homo, which date to 2.3 million years ago, along with some of the earliest known evidence of tool use.

      Located at the juncture of the Arabian, Somali, and African tectonic plates, the Eastern Rift Valley has experienced significant geologic upheaval. Over several million years, numerous volcanic eruptions laid down layers of volcanic ash at Hadar, effectively covering fossil remains with a succession of strata that have been systematically identified and dated by researchers. Seismic activity combined with heavy erosion has gradually exposed the region's fossil record, greatly reducing the amount of excavation required for locating hominin remains. These conditions make Hadar one of the world's richest sources of information on the physiology and habitats of hominin species.

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