gustily, adv.gustiness, n.
/gus"tee/, adj., gustier, gustiest.
1. blowing or coming in gusts, as wind, rain, or storms.
2. affected or marked by gusts of wind, rain, etc.: a gusty day.
3. occurring or characterized by sudden bursts or outbursts, as sound or laughter.
4. full of meaningless, pretentious talk: gusty speechmaking.
5. vigorous; hearty; zestful: a gusty woman.
[1590-1600; GUST1 + -Y1; def. 5 perh. GUST(O) + -Y1]
/gus"tee, goos"tee/, adj., gustier, gustiest. Chiefly Scot.
tasty; savory; appetizing.
[1715-25; GUST2 + -Y1]

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