/gruch/, n., v.t., v.i. Brit. Dial.
[1175-1225; ME. See GRUDGE]

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  • grutch — c.1200, grucchen, to murmur, complain, from O.Fr. grouchier to murmur, to grumble, of unknown origin, probably ultimately imitative. Meaning to begrudge is c.1400. Cf. gruccild (early 13c.) woman who complains, from grutch + suffix of unknown… …   Etymology dictionary

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  • grouch — /growch/, v.i. 1. to be sulky or morose; show discontent; complain, esp. in an irritable way. n. 2. a sulky, complaining, or morose person. 3. a sulky, irritable, or morose mood. [1890 95, Amer.; var. of obs. grutch < OF groucher to grumble. See… …   Universalium

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