/goohs"foot'/, n., pl. goosefoots.
any of numerous, often weedy plants of the genus Chenopodium, having inconspicuous greenish flowers.
[1540-50; GOOSE + FOOT]

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 any of several salt-tolerant plant species belonging to the genus Chenopodium, in the amaranth family, Amaranthaceae. There are about 100 species in the genus, which grows in temperate regions around the world. They are weedy, rank-smelling plants. Some of the species in the genus have leaves that resemble the foot of a goose. Good-King-Henry (C. bonus-henricus), sometimes called mercury, is a deep-rooted perennial with several stems and edible, spinach-like leaves. Feather geranium, or Jerusalem oak (C. botrys), has many clusters of small flowers and is occasionally cultivated in gardens. Pigweed, or lamb's quarters (C. album [see photograph—>]), is one of the most common weedy species.

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