/gluy"seen, gluy seen"/, n. Biochem.
a colorless, crystalline, sweet, water-soluble solid, H2NCH2COOH, the simplest amino acid: used chiefly in organic synthesis and biochemical research. Abbr.: Gly; Symbol: G Also called aminoacetic acid, glycocoll /gluy"keuh kol'/.
[1850-55; GLYC- + -INE2]

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One of the nonessential amino acids.

The simplest amino acid (NH2CH2COOH), it occurs in many proteins; especially rich sources are silk fibroin and gelatin. It has a sweet taste and is used to reduce the bitter flavour of saccharin. Other uses are in organic synthesis and biochemical research, as a nutrient and feed additive, and to retard rancidity in animal and vegetable fats.

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      the simplest amino acid, obtainable by hydrolysis of proteins. Sweet-tasting, it was among the earliest amino acids to be isolated from gelatin (1820). Especially rich sources include gelatin and silk fibroin. Glycine is one of several so-called nonessential amino acids for mammals; i.e., they can synthesize it from amino acids serine and threonine and from other sources and do not require dietary sources.

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