/jen"euh ray'teuhr/, n.
1. a machine that converts one form of energy into another, esp. mechanical energy into electrical energy, as a dynamo, or electrical energy into sound, as an acoustic generator.
2. a person or thing that generates.
3. Chem. an apparatus for producing a gas or vapor.
4. Math.
a. an element or one of a set of elements from which a specified mathematical object can be formed by applying certain operations.
b. an element, as a line, that generates a figure.
5. Computers. a program that produces a particular type of output on demand, as random numbers, an application program, or a report.
[1640-50; < L generator producer, equiv. to genera(re) (see GENERATE) + -tor -TOR]

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Machine that converts mechanical energy to electricity for transmission and distribution over power lines to domestic, commercial, and industrial customers.

Generators also produce the electric power required for automobiles, aircraft, ships, and trains. The mechanical power for an electric generator is usually obtained from a rotating shaft and is equal to the shaft torque multiplied by the rotational, or angular, velocity (speed). The mechanical power may come from various sources: turbines powered by water, wind, steam, or gas; gasoline engines; or diesel engines.

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