fusional, adj.
/fyooh"zheuhn/, n.
1. the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused.
2. that which is fused; the result of fusing: A ballet production is the fusion of many talents.
3. Politics.
a. a coalition of parties or factions.
b. (cap) the political party resulting from such a coalition.
4. Also called nuclear fusion. Physics. a thermonuclear reaction in which nuclei of light atoms join to form nuclei of heavier atoms, as the combination of deuterium atoms to form helium atoms. Cf. fission (def. 2).
5. Ophthalm.
a. Also called binocular fusion. the correct blending of the images of both eyes.
b. the perception of rapid, intermittent flashes of light as a continuous beam.
6. popular music that is a blend of two styles, esp. a combining of jazz with either rock, classical music, or such ethnic elements as Brazilian or Japanese music.
7. Ling. the merging of linguistic elements, esp. morphemes, usually accompanied by a change in the form of the elements.
8. (of food) combining usually widely differing ethnic or regional ingredients, styles, or techniques: a restaurant serving French-Thai fusion cuisine; a fusion menu.
[1545-55: < L fusion- (s. of fusio) a pouring out, melting. See FUSE2, -ION]

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