French bulldog

one of a French breed of small, bat-eared dogs having a large, square head, a short tail, and a short, sleek coat.
[1870-75, Amer.]

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▪ breed of dog
 breed of dog of the non-sporting group, which was developed in France in the later 1800s from crosses between small native dogs and small bulldogs (bulldog) of a toy variety. The French bulldog is a small counterpart of the bulldog, but it has large, erect ears, rounded at the tips, that resemble those of a bat. Its skull is flat between the ears and domed above the eyes, and the expression is typically alert, rather than morose as in the bulldog. A valued companion and watchdog, the French bulldog stands 11 to 12 inches (28 to 30 cm) and ideally weighs no more than 28 pounds (13 kg). Its short, fine coat may be any of a number of colours, such as brindle, grayish brown (fawn), or white.

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