/free"fawl'/, v., free-fell, free-fallen, free-falling, adj., n.
1. (of parachutists) to descend initially, as for a designated interval, in a free fall: The jumpers were required to free-fall for eight seconds.
2. denoting or suggesting a free fall: a free-fall recession.
3. free fall (defs. 1, 2).

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      in mechanics, state of a body that moves freely in any manner in the presence of gravity. The planets, for example, are in free-fall in the gravitational field of the Sun. Newton's laws show that a body in free-fall follows an orbit such that the sum of the gravitational and inertial forces equals zero. This explains why an astronaut in a spacecraft orbiting the Earth experiences a condition of weightlessness: the Earth's gravitational pull is equal and opposite to the inertial—in this case, centrifugal—force because of the motion of the vehicle. Gravitational forces are never uniform, and therefore only the centre of mass is in free-fall. All other points of a body are subject to tidal (tidal friction) forces because they move in a slightly different gravitational (gravitation) field. The Earth is in free-fall, but the pull of the Moon is not the same at the Earth's surface as at its centre; the rise and fall of ocean tides occur because the oceans are not in perfect free-fall.

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