/fop"euh ree/, n., pl. fopperies.
1. the clothes, manners, actions, etc., of a fop.
2. something foppish.
[1540-50; FOP + -ERY]

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  • Foppery — Fop per*y, n.; pl. {Fopperies}. [From {Fop}.] 1. The behavior, dress, or other indication of a fop; coxcombry; affectation of show; showy folly. [1913 Webster] 2. Folly; foolery. [1913 Webster] Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter My sober… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • foppery — (n.) 1540s, foolish action, from FOP (Cf. fop) + ERY (Cf. ery). Meaning behavior and manner of a fop is from 1690s; meaning foppish attire is from 1711 …   Etymology dictionary

  • foppery — [fäp′ər ē] n. 1. the actions, dress, etc. of a fop 2. pl. fopperies something foppish …   English World dictionary

  • foppery — fop ► NOUN ▪ a man who is excessively concerned with his clothes and appearance. DERIVATIVES foppery noun foppish adjective foppishly adverb foppishness noun. ORIGIN originally in the sense «fool» …   English terms dictionary

  • foppery — ˈfäp(ə)rē, ri noun ( es) Etymology: fop (I) + ery 1. : foolish character or action : folly, absurdity, vanity let not the sound of shallow foppery enter my sober ho …   Useful english dictionary

  • foppery — noun (plural peries) Date: 1546 1. foolish character or action ; folly 2. the behavior or dress of a fop …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • foppery — noun a) The dress or actions of a fop b) Stupidity …   Wiktionary

  • foppery — (Roget s IV) n. Syn. coxcombry, showiness, dandyism; see ostentation 1 , vanity 1 …   English dictionary for students

  • foppery — fop·per·y || fÉ‘pÉ™rɪ / fÉ’ n. vanity, conceit …   English contemporary dictionary

  • foppery — n. Coxcombry, dandyism, foppishness, vanity in dress …   New dictionary of synonyms

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