adj. /foh"lee it, -ayt'/; v. /foh"lee ayt'/, adj., v., foliated, foliating.
1. covered with or having leaves.
2. like a leaf, as in shape.
3. Also, foliated. Archit.
a. ornamented with or composed of foils: foliate tracery.
b. ornamented with representations of foliage: a foliate capital.
4. Petrol., Mineral. foliated (def. 2).
5. to put forth leaves.
6. to split into thin leaflike layers or laminae.
7. to shape like a leaf or leaves.
8. to decorate with foils or foliage.
9. to form into thin sheets.
10. to spread over with a thin metallic backing.
11. Print. to number the folios or leaves, as distinguished from pages, of (a manuscript or book).
[1620-30; < L foliatus leafy. See FOLIUM, -ATE1]

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