flying lemur

either of two lemurlike mammals, Cynocephalus variegatus, of southeastern Asia and the East Indies, or C. volans, of the Philippines, having broad folds of skin on both sides of the body to aid in gliding from tree to tree: now rare.

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also called  colugo  
 either of the two species of primitive gliding mammals (mammal) found only in Southeast Asia and on some of the Philippine Islands. Flying lemurs resemble large flying squirrels (flying squirrel), as they are arboreal climbers and gliders that have webbed feet with claws. The form of the head and the nocturnal habit, however, recall the lemurs (lemur), hence their name. The long limbs and the tail are connected by broad folds of skin, as in bats (bat). The limbs are outstretched when the animal leaps from high in the trees, and its controlled glide can cover 70 metres (230 feet) while losing little altitude.

      Besides the Philippine species, Cynocephalus volans, a series of races of Cynocephalus variegatus ranges from Myanmar (Burma) to the Malay Peninsula and from the islands of Sumatra to Borneo. Flying lemurs were formerly classified as insectivores (insectivore), but they differ from them and from other mammals in several basic anatomical features, especially in the form of the brain and in the dentition. The teeth (34) are peculiar in that the lower incisors stick out in a comblike structure formed of enamel folds; the second upper incisors are similar to canine teeth and are double-rooted. Canines are absent in the upper jaw. Cheek teeth (premolars and molars) bear sharp cusps. The digestive tract exhibits specializations to a strict vegetarian diet. Although flying lemurs share some characteristics with certain bats (flying foxes (flying fox) of suborder Megachiroptera), they are most closely related to the primates.

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