flying fox

1. any large fruit bat of the genus Pteropus, of Old World tropical regions, having a foxlike head.
2. Australian. an aerial conveyor belt or suspended carrier operating on cables, often used to convey ore, dirt, or the like, over rivers and gorges in mining or construction operations.

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also called  fox bat 

      any of about 65 bat species found on tropical islands from Madagascar to Australia and Indonesia and mainland Asia. They are the largest bats; some attain a wingspan of 1.5 m (5 feet), with a head and body length of about 40 cm (16 inches).

      Flying foxes are Old World fruit bats (Old World fruit bat) (family Pteropodidae) that roost in large numbers and eat fruit. They are therefore a potential pest and cannot be imported into the United States. Like nearly all Old World fruit bats, flying foxes use sight rather than echolocation to navigate.

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