florescent, adj.
/flaw res"euhns, floh-, fleuh-/, n.
the act, state, or period of flowering; bloom.
[1785-95; < L floresc(ens) (prp. of florescere to begin blooming, inchoative deriv. of florere to bloom, deriv. of flos FLOWER) + -ENCE]

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  • Florescence — Flo*res cence, n. [See {Florescent}.] (Bot.) A bursting into flower; a blossoming. Martyn. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • florescence — 1793, from Mod.L. florescentia, from L. florescentem (nom. florescens) blooming, prp. of florescere to begin to bloom, inceptive of florere to blossom (see FLOURISH (Cf. flourish)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • florescence — [flō res′əns, flôres′əns, fləres′əns] n. [< L florescens, prp. of florescere, to begin to bloom, inceptive of florere, to bloom < flos: see BLOOM1] 1. the act, condition, or period of blooming 2. a period of success or achievement… …   English World dictionary

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  • florescence — noun Etymology: New Latin florescentia, from Latin florescent , florescens, present participle of florescere, inchoative of florēre to blossom, flourish more at flourish Date: 1793 a state or period of flourishing • florescent adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • florescence — flo·res·cence || flÉ” resns /flÉ’ n. blooming, flowering; period of blooming …   English contemporary dictionary

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