filmlike, adj.
/film/, n.
1. a thin layer or coating: a film of grease on a plate.
2. a thin sheet of any material: a film of ice.
3. a thin skin or membrane.
4. a delicate web of filaments or fine threads.
5. a thin haze, blur, or mist.
6. Photog.
a. a cellulose nitrate or cellulose acetate composition made in thin sheets or strips and coated with a sensitive emulsion for taking photographs.
b. a strip or roll of this.
c. the coating of emulsion on such a sheet or strip or on a photographic plate.
7. Motion Pictures.
a. a strip of transparent material, usually cellulose triacetate, covered with a photographic emulsion and perforated along one or both edges, intended for the recording and reproduction of images.
b. a similar perforated strip covered with an iron oxide emulsion (magfilm), intended for the recording and reproduction of both images and sound.
8. Often, films,
a. motion pictures collectively.
b. the motion-picture industry, or its productions, operations, etc.
c. motion pictures, as a genre of art or entertainment: experimental film.
9. to cover with a film, thin skin, or pellicle: filmed eyes.
10. Motion Pictures.
a. to photograph with a motion-picture camera.
b. to reproduce in the form of motion pictures: to film a novel.
11. to become covered by a film: The water filmed over with ice.
12. Motion Pictures.
a. to be reproduced in a motion picture, esp. in a specified manner: This story films easily.
b. to direct, make, or otherwise engage in the production of motion pictures.
[bef. 1000; 1890-95 for def. 6; 1900-05 for def. 7; ME filme, OE filmen membrane; akin to FELL4]
Syn. 11. mist, haze, cloud, veil.

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(as used in expressions)
black film
National Film Board of Canada
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

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