exophthalmic goiter

enlargement of the thyroid gland accompanied by exophthalmos, usually due to hyperthyroidism.

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  • exophthalmic goiter — n GRAVES DISEASE * * * goiter accompanied by protrusion of the eyeballs, as in Graves orbitopathy. Called also diffuse toxic g …   Medical dictionary

  • exophthalmic goiter — n. a disease of unknown cause characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland, overproduction of the thyroid hormone, and abnormal protrusion of the eyeballs …   English World dictionary

  • exophthalmic goiter — Basedow s disease Ba se*dow s dis*ease [Named for Dr. Basedow, a German physician.] (Med.) A disease characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland, prominence of the eyeballs, and inordinate action of the heart; called also {exophthalmic… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • exophthalmic goiter — noun exophthalmos occurring in association with goiter; hyperthyroidism with protrusion of the eyeballs • Syn: ↑Graves disease • Hypernyms: ↑hyperthyroidism, ↑thyrotoxicosis, ↑exophthalmos, ↑autoimmune disease, ↑autoimmune disorder …   Useful english dictionary

  • exophthalmic goiter — noun hyperthyroidism accompanied by protrusion of the eyeballs Syn: Graves disease …   Wiktionary

  • exophthalmic goiter — disorder of the thyroid gland often causing bulging of the eyeballs …   English contemporary dictionary

  • goiter — /goy teuhr/, n. Pathol. an enlargement of the thyroid gland on the front and sides of the neck, usually symptomatic of abnormal thyroid secretion, esp. hypothyroidism due to a lack of iodine in the diet. Also, esp. Brit., goitre. Cf. exophthalmic …   Universalium

  • goiter — A chronic enlargement of the thyroid gland, not due to a neoplasm, occurring endemically in certain localities, especially regions where glaciation occurred and the soil is low in iodine, and sporadically elsewhere. SYN: struma (1). [Fr. from L.… …   Medical dictionary

  • goiter, exophthalmic —    The physical symptoms often associated with Grave s disease or thyrotoxicosis, with an inflamed, sometimes enlarged thyroid gland and, most noticeably, protruding eyes …   Herbal-medical glossary

  • Diffuse toxic goiter — Graves disease, the most common cause of hyperthyroidism (overactivity of the thyroid gland), with generalized diffuse overactivity ( toxicity ) of the entire thyroid gland which becomes enlarged into a goiter. There are three clinical components …   Medical dictionary

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