erodible, erodable, erosible /i roh"zeuh beuhl, -seuh-/, adj.erodibility, erodability, n.
/i rohd"/, v., eroded, eroding.
1. to eat into or away; destroy by slow consumption or disintegration: Battery acid had eroded the engine. Inflation erodes the value of our money.
2. to form (a gully, butte, or the like) by erosion.
3. to become eroded.
[1605-15; < L erodere, equiv. to e- E- + rodere to gnaw]
Syn. 1. corrode, waste, ravage, spoil.
Ant. 1. strengthen, reinforce.

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      city, northern Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nādu) state, southeastern India, on the Kaveri (Cauvery) River (Kaveri River). Temple inscriptions indicate the prominent role played by the town as early as the 10th century CE. Its name is associated with a Chola temple (907–1279) and means “wet skull.” Though Erode was successively destroyed by Maratha, Mysore Muslim, and British armies, the surrounding fertile soils assisted in the city's quick recovery as an agricultural trade centre.

      Erode is a railway hub and is the junction for the Pykara and Mettur hydroelectric schemes. Industries include cotton ginning and the manufacture of transport equipment. Erode has industrial schools and several colleges affiliated with the University of Madras. Pop. (2001) city, 150,541; urban agglom., 389,906.

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