Equatorial Countercurrent

an ocean current that flows E between the west-flowing equatorial currents. Also called Cromwell Current.

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      current phenomenon noted near the equator, an eastward flow of oceanic water in opposition to and flanked by the westward equatorial currents of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Lying primarily between latitude 3° and 10° N, the countercurrents shift south during the northern winter and north during the summer. To either side the trade winds blow constantly and push great volumes of water westward in the equatorial currents, raising the sea level in the west. Within the doldrums, where strong constant winds are absent, the higher western sea levels flow downslope to the east. The Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent is very strong and is definable year-round. The Atlantic Equatorial Countercurrent is strongest off the coast of Ghana (Africa), where it is known as the Guinea Current. The countercurrent of the Indian Ocean flows only during the northern winter and only south of the equator.

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