epiphenomenal, adj.epiphenomenally, adv.
/ep'euh feuh nom"euh non', -neuhn/, n., pl. epiphenomena /-neuh/, epiphenomenons.
1. Pathol. a secondary or additional symptom or complication arising during the course of a disease.
2. any secondary phenomenon.
[1700-10; EPI- + PHENOMENON]

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  • epiphenomenon — (n.) 1706, secondary symptom, from EPI (Cf. epi ) + PHENOMENON (Cf. phenomenon). Plural is epiphenomena. Related: Epiphenomenal …   Etymology dictionary

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  • Epiphenomenon — An epiphenomenon (plural epiphenomena) is a secondary phenomenon that occurs alongside or in parallel to a primary phenomenon. * Medicine In Medicine, an epiphenomenon is a secondary symptom seemingly unrelated to the original disease or disorder …   Wikipedia

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  • epiphenomenon — epi·phenomenon …   English syllables

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