enchondromatous /en'keuhn drom"euh teuhs, -droh"meuh-/, adj.
/en'keuhn droh"meuh/, n., pl. enchondromas, enchondromata /-meuh teuh/. Pathol.
a growth of cartilage within the shaft or substance of a bone.
[1840-50; < NL < Gk en- EN-2 + chóndr(os) cartilage + -oma -OMA]

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      solitary benign cartilaginous tumour that occurs mostly in the shafts of bones of the hands and feet, usually between adolescence and about age 50. Enchondromas are slow-growing tumours. As they grow, they expand and thin the cortex of the parent bone, producing considerable deformity. They may also erupt through their bony covering and project outward into the surrounding soft tissues. Enchondromas tend to be painless but are potential sources of a malignant cartilage-forming tumour called chondrosarcoma. Treatment includes curettage (scraping) or complete surgical excision. The solitary enchondroma is morphologically identical with the lesions produced in enchondromatosis (also called Ollier disease).

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