/i lek'troh looh'meuh nes"euhns/, n.
luminescence produced by the activation of a dielectric phosphor by an alternating current.

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      production of light by the flow of electrons, as within certain crystals. Electroluminescence is one of the few instances in which a direct conversion of electric energy into visible light takes place without the generation of heat, such as occurs in the incandescent lamp.

      There are two distinct mechanisms that can produce electroluminescence in crystals: pure or intrinsic and charge injection. The principal differences between the two mechanisms are that in the first, no net current passes through the phosphor (electroluminescent material) and in the second, luminescence prevails during the passage of an electric current.

      In intrinsic electroluminescence, thermal activation and the electric field liberate atomic electrons (from donor levels) into the conduction band. Many of these conduction electrons are accelerated by the field until they collide with luminescent centres, ionizing them (i.e., ejecting electrons from their atoms). Light is emitted in the normal way as soon as an electron recombines with an ionized atom of the centre. Because the effect dies away when constant voltage is applied, an alternating voltage may be used to create a sustained light emission.

      Electroluminescence can also result from charge injection, as when an electrode contacts a crystal to provide a flow of electrons or holes (electron extraction) or a voltage is applied to a pn junction causing a current to flow; i.e., electrons flow from the n-type material into the p-type material. In both cases, the electrons lose energy when recombining with centres or positive holes accompanied by the emission of light.

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