/dun"euhk/, n. Brit.
[1425-75; late ME dunoke, donek. See DUN2, -OCK]

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also called  hedge sparrow  or  hedge accentor  

      a drab, skulking European songbird, a species of accentor belonging to the family Prunellidae.

      Moving with a jerky, shuffling gait, this abundant but unobtrusive little bird spends much of its time among shrubs and hedgerows but often forages on the ground for tiny soil arthropods (arthropod). Found over much of Europe, as well as Lebanon, Turkey, northern Iran, and the Caucasus, the dunnock usually lives in scrub, heathland, mixed woodland, and hedgerows; occasionally it lives on coastal cliffs and dunes.

      Dunnocks are noted for an exceptionally flexible mating and territorial system that reflects food density. They may be monogamous, polygamous, or polyandrous. Where food is plentiful, one male may overlap the territories of two or more females. When it is scarce, females have larger territories that overlap with two or more males.

      In spring the dunnock takes part in communal displays in which two or more birds hop around in vegetation or on the ground, flick their wings, and utter staccato calls. Females may solicit copulations from multiple males and receive sperm one or two times an hour during their 10-day mating period. The female crouches on the ground, fluffs her feathers, and raises her tail. The male pecks at her exposed cloaca, causing her to eject a droplet of sperm from any previous copulation. (Presumably this increases the probability of the egg's being fertilized by this latest suitor.)

      A well-concealed nest for three to six bluish eggs (egg) is built on the ground or occasionally several feet above it. Both sexes feed the naked, helpless young. Sometimes multiple males will cooperate to help raise a single brood.

Sy Montgomery

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