/drag"euhn hed'/, n.
any of several mints of the genus Dracocephalum having spikes of double-lipped flowers.
Also, dragon's head.
[1500-10; trans. of NL Dracocephalum]

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 either of two genera of plants, Dracocephalum (see photograph—>) and Physostegia, both belonging to the mint family (Lamiaceae), order Lamiales. The about 45 species of Dracocephalum, all native in temperate Eurasia except for one in North America, have two-lipped flowers, lobed at the base and the upper lip, resembling fanciful heads of dragons. In North America D. parviflorum produces a dense spike of blue flowers at the top of its 60-cm- (2-foot-) high stem.

 The related false dragonheads, or obedient plants (Physostegia; see photograph—>), with 12 species are native to North America. The best known is P. virginiana, which has large, pink, bell-like flowers on slender spikes.

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