Alexanderthe Great

Alexander the Great

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  • Persia —    Ancient kingdom situated in modern Iran. The Persian king, Cyrus the Great, overthrew the Babylonian kingdom and annexed most of western Asia, creating the largest empire then known. His son, Cambyses, conquered Egypt in 525 BC and added it to …   Ancient Egypt

  • Alexandria —    City on the Mediterranean coast of the western Delta founded by Alexanderthe Great in 331 BC on the site of the Egyptian village of Rakedet, Greek Rakotis. It became the capital of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt and included many fine buildings,… …   Ancient Egypt

  • ANTIGONUS MONOPHTALMOS — (reigned 321–301 B.C.)    Macedonian general, chief of cavalry of Alexanderthe Great, satrap of Phrygia, and later king. In the aftermath of Alexander’s death, he competed with the other generals for a share in the succession. Antigonus managed… …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

  • BABYLONIAN CHRONICLES —    Several chronicles were written in Babylon from the middle of the second millennium B.C. onward. Chronicle Precords the dealings of the Kassite Dynasty with its Assyrian and Elamite neighbors. There are seven Neo Babylonian chronicles from the …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

  • Macedonian rulers. —    The work was apparently in three volumes: the first contained a geographical description of Babylonia and the origin of human life and civilization, the second was about the 10 kings before the flood and various later dynasties down to Nabu… …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

  • DARIUS III — (reigned 336–330 B.C.)    Achaemenid king who was defeated by Alexanderthe Great and lost the Persian empire to the Macedonian conqueror. Although he escaped from the battlefields at Issos and Gaugamela, he was killed by one of his own generals …   Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia

  • Alexander II — (IV of Macedon) (reigned 317–310 BC)    Posthumous son of Alexanderthe Greatand the Bactrian princess Roxana. He reigned jointly with his uncle, Philip Arrhidaeus, until the murder of the latter in 317 BC. Alexander II was imprisoned by Cassander …   Ancient Egypt

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