/dawr"stop', dohr"-/, n.
1. a device for holding a door open, as a wedge or small weight.
2. Also called slamming stile, stop. (in a doorframe) a strip or projecting surface against which the door closes.
3. a device for preventing a door from striking a wall or an object on a wall, as a small rubber-covered projection.
[1870-75, Amer.; DOOR + STOP]

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      usually decorative and invariably heavy object used to prevent doors from swinging shut. Doorstops came into use about 1775 following the introduction of the rising butt, a type of hinge designed to close a door automatically. Many stops took the form of famous persons, such as Napoleon, Shakespeare, Wellington, Gladstone, and Disraeli. Animal forms were also popular.

      The most common material used for making doorstops was metal, generally cast with a flat, normally hollow, back, but in some early examples cast in the round. Brass, usually lacquered, was popular until about 1850. Cast-iron stops were made from roughly 1820, and soon production in this material reached large proportions, paint or a bronze finish being the usual decoration. A handle or some other means of lifting the stop easily was commonly incorporated in the design. Also known are doorstops in earthenware and a few in glass made in Bristol.

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