/dim"i tee/, n., pl. dimities.
a thin cotton fabric, white, dyed, or printed, woven with a stripe or check of heavier yarn.
[1400-50; earlier dimite, late ME demyt < ML dimettum < Gk dímiton, n. use of neut. of dímitos double-threaded, equiv. to di- DI-1 + mít(os) warp thread + -os adj. suffix; source of final syll. unclear]

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      (from Greek dimitos, “of double thread”), lightweight, sheer cotton fabric with two or more warp threads thrown into relief, forming fine cords. Originally dimity was made of silk or wool, but since the 18th century it has been woven almost exclusively of cotton.

      The name was applied to two types of corded cottons: a heavy material used for bedcovers, drapery, and the like, and a lightweight, almost sheer fabric either corded or made in check effects. Dimity now refers primarily to the latter.

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