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densitometric /den'si teuh me"trik/, adj.densitometry, n.
/den'si tom"i teuhr/, n.
1. Photog. an instrument for measuring the density of negatives.
2. a densimeter.
[1900-05; DENSIT(Y) + -O- + -METER]

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      device that measures the density, or the degree of darkening, of a photographic film or plate by recording photometrically its transparency (fraction of incident light transmitted). In visual methods, two beams of equal intensity are used. One is directed through the plate, while the intensity of the other is adjusted by an optical wedge, by an iris diaphragm, or by moving the source, until the two beams have equal intensity, judged by the eye or by a photoelectric cell. With proper calibration, the density can be read directly. Other methods employ photoelectric cells to measure the intensity of the same beam with and without film or plate inserted in the path, the difference in intensity being a measure of density.

      The same techniques can be used to measure the density of semitransparent materials other than photographic plates—for example, sunglasses.

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