/ee'van jel"i keuh liz'euhm, ev'euhn-/, n.
1. evangelical doctrines or principles.
2. adherence to evangelical principles or doctrines or to an evangelical church or party.
[1825-35; EVANGELICAL + -ISM]

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Protestant movement that stresses conversion experiences, the Bible as the only basis for faith, and evangelism at home and abroad.

The religious revival that occurred in Europe and America during the 18th century was generally referred to as the evangelical revival. It included Pietism in Europe, Methodism in Britain, and the Great Awakening in America. In London in 1846, the Evangelical Alliance was organized by evangelical Christians from several denominations and countries. In the U.S., the movement grew, in part, because of the popularity of preachers such as Billy Graham, the creation of institutions such as Wheaton College, the publishing of the periodical Christianity Today, and the founding of professional organizations and associations, such as the National Association of Evangelicals (1942). Developing a sense of international and interdenominational unity, evangelicals formed the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) in 1951. More than 110 regional and national organizations and some 110 million people are affiliated with the WEF, now headquartered in Singapore. See Christian fundamentalism; Pentecostalism.

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